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DWW is a group of disabled professionals ready to get your business online so you can get back to earning.

It is 2020 COVID 19 is here, we are here to help get your business online.

Working from home offices working remotely. Trade websites and smaller eCommerce sites can be up and running in weeks.

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DWW Disabled Wanting Work

Removing Employment Barriers

There have always been barriers to employing disabled people many are perceived barriers many are real physical barriers. Many potential employers would be put off by cost factors of these real barriers.

Perceived barriers are often created in the head of the potential employers and are often not real.

Real barriers often relate to lack of understanding of the abilities disabled people have, an example may be can a data entry operator with only one arm but they use speech dictation and have one hand for corrections.

​Can a person with one arm data entry at the same or quicker speed than an operator with both hands. Clearly yes but does the potential employer know that.

​What about real barriers such as stairs or doorways, desks toilets can be daunting to a potential employer.

​Office workers IT professionals, lawyers, advocates so many professions were expected to work in offices hence the need for accessibility.


​​It is 2020 when it comes to employment for the disabled I think many employers or potential employers feared the extra cost of providing accessible premises.

​​Your entry and your exit needed to be accessible. The disabled person may need other equipment or doorways may require changing and certainly, an accessible toilet would need to be supplied

​Now we have come to 2020 COVID 19 has arrived.

​Because of the virus circulating around the world, people are now having to work from home and I think it is only going to become quite normal for people to work from home.

​Because people are now working from home the potential employers looking for disabled employees has greatly increased because employers of potential disabled employees were no longer faced with the daunting task of providing accessibility within the workplace.

​What with the accessibility barriers removed there is a good chance and a disabled employee would be able to provide an equal work output as any other employee.​

​It is now clearly a good time to think about employing a disabled person disabled want to be working so many will be very motivated and be able to provide good output with little or no extra costs being passed onto the employer.

Wheelchair Ramp not needed
Wheelchair Ramp not needed
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accessible toilet not needed
accessible toilet not needed

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