Disabled Wanting Work

DWW is a group of disabled professionals ready to get your business online so you can get back to earning.

It is 2020 COVID 19 is here, we are here to help get your business online.

Working from home offices working remotely. Trade websites and smaller eCommerce sites can be up and running in weeks.

Professional software we build your business online.

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DWW Disabled Wanting Work

It is 2020 COVID 19 is here in New Zealand

​I would like to provide much-needed services I will connect with other skilled providers to create an online-based business offering professional services online.

​Our point of difference is we want to employ disabled professionals, many are used to some isolation and have learned to be productive from home.

We will be just as productive as those without disabilities.

This can work in two ways I may receive the funding I need to allow me to provide software and train other disabled with a view to employing them from home offices working remotely.

​Or I may receive enough work to fund it myself. Click the link on this page to view my services.

​Hire me. Here is my email info@googleexperts.co.nz

I am very skilled I provide a quality quick service. Trade sites can be made and live quickly.

There will be things better done by others this barrier can be overcome with a good team around me remotely working from home offices.

74% of the disabled cannot get work, I should not be one of them.

And I can train others.

Skilled in SEO online marketing and website design.

While employees hunker down in their newly-thrown-together home offices, one thing that we may see from COVID-19 is how remote work can be successful on a large scale.

Data Entry

Freelance Writer

​Graphic Designer

​Online Tutor

​Office Worker Accountant

​Remote Computer Repair

​Resume Writer

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Manager​

Technical Services



​Web Designer

And the list could go on

DWW services

Your chance for an awesome experience

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