Disabled Wanting Work

DWW is a group of disabled professionals ready to get your business online so you can get back to earning.

It is 2020 COVID 19 is here, we are here to help get your business online.

Working from home offices working remotely. Trade websites and smaller eCommerce sites can be up and running in weeks.

Professional software we build your business online.

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DWW Disabled Wanting Work

Convertri - Semrush - Canva - Smart Mockups - Jotform -Elimentor - Beaver Builder - Photoshop + More

There are many reasons to support my efforts.

I need to be so busy with work so I will need other skilled disabled people to come on board. Remember you help us and we can help you get business online.

I am creative and can help your business get online where you need to be.

I work from home. I have the hardware I have the software but need the latest to do better, not only software I also need trade connections.

Why support me, because I help others.

I have been disabled for 50 years I have been advocating for disability rights for 46 years.

What will I do when I receive the funding.

The goal is to get work for myself and do such a good job I will get lots of work. I would love a group of disabled subcontractors working from home.

Work hard get work get paid.

I can work from home and work hard putting in the hours. I have made this website. connect with other disabled professionals.

Below are the screenshots and links to the 10 software programs I will spend the funds on. I am needing enough to pay for a two-year subscription for each software total cost would be dependent on exchange rates on the day because the software is sold in US dollars. I would estimate $7000.00 will be needed over two years,

Photo shop
DWW animaker
DWW smartmockups
DWW Elementor
DWW Beaver builder

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