Disabled Wanting Work

DWW is a group of disabled professionals ready to get your business online so you can get back to earning.

It is 2020 COVID 19 is here, we are here to help get your business online.

Working from home offices working remotely. Trade websites and smaller eCommerce sites can be up and running in weeks.

Professional software we build your business online.

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DWW Disabled Wanting Work

Businesses across the world are shutting their offices and transitioning to remote work. Disabled can do that.

While employees hunker down in their newly-thrown-together home offices, one thing that we may see from COVID-19 is how remote work can be successful on a large scale.

We need to be including disabled workers.

Data Entry

Freelance Writer

​Graphic Designer

​Online Tutor

​Office Worker Accountant

​Remote Computer Repair

​Resume Writer

Search Engine Optimisation

Social Media Manager​

Technical Services



​Web Designer

​And the list could go on.

DWW hire a disabled person
Disabled people have ideas
Planning for success
Trade worldwide with help from disabled people
Lady working from home because of disability

Your chance for an awesome experience

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